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Real Estate Agent

Why chose us as your Real Estate Agent?

With so many real estate agents to choose from, it is important to know that you are dealing with a company that has your best interests at heart. We do have the best agents, we will concentrate on meeting customers’ needs at all levels and we will go that extra mile for our clients.

Low vacancy rates, minimal rental arrears, high rental returns, professional marketing, knowledgeable experience, two large supportive teams who realize and understand what a landlord’s expectations are from his property manager. 

At Royal Real Estate Services our professional team is passionate about property and has a wealth of real estate experience. We realize we are client relationship managers providing a positive impact in the local marketplace that continues to grow our management teams operations and productivity.

Royal Real Estate Services operations systems are professional and streamlined; focusing on providing the cutting edge in technology and commutative information that benefits our Landlords and tenants.

We employ only talented people from our local community, their combined 81 years’ experience, and ability focus on keeping you informed, increasing the potential rental return on your investment, that will deliver you the highest possible outcome.

At Royal Real Estate Services, we understand the high importance of customer service combined with our team’s wealth of experience, up to date local market knowledge and professional friendly attitude. Our operational servicing areas include Chembur, Ghatkopar, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Panvel and other adjoining suburbs of Greater Mumbai.

We want to be your Preferred Real Estate Agent!

Commercial Property Services

Commercial Property Services

Commercial Property Services – Greater Mumbai

Royal Real Estate is also a full-service Commercial Property Services Company.  Our team provides award winning Valuation, Sales, Leasing and Commercial Asset Management services.

Whether you are a new business, or a well-established corporation finding the best location requires in-depth market knowledge.  Successfully navigating the marketplace and negotiating your lease requires expert representation for your company.

We cover the Geographical locations of Chembur, Ghatkopar, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Panvel and other surrounding suburbs of Greater Mumbai

We strive to provide the best Commercial Property Service for our Customers!



We are Dynamic and Optimistic Principals of Royal Real Estate Services, operating out of our Vashi Office. Running a successful business which is independently owned and operated we have achieved local market share dominance in the Northern geographies of Greater Mumbai.

Chembur, Navi Mumbai, Panvel, Thane, are just a few of our servicing areas throughout Greater Mumbai.

We provide you with Personalized Services like Property Management, Specialized Buying & Selling etc.

It is imperative that our team has an intimate knowledge of the property market to provide you with current accurate information about your investment.

We are committed to providing you with a stress-free and peace of mind solution. We want to be remembered by our client for our caring, dynamic and professional attitude. We are well equipped to offer you real estate services driven by our enthusiasm and integrity


Rajesh & Anil

WhatsApp – 7666733549




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